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Events and Promotions

Next generation business tool for planning and executing events and promotions.



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Events and Promotions
Events and Promotions

Gorilla Toolz
Save time and money planning your next event or program

Event and promotion planning is an expensive and time consuming process. Tasks such as selecting venues and suppliers, hiring and training quality temporary employees, and managing key assets can require you to use an excessively high number of resources to accomplish your goals.

Gorilla Toolz is designed to make this tedious process easier and more cost efficient. Our website is a one-stop shop for all of your event and promotions needs. From locations and staffing to reporting systems, Gorilla Toolz gives you access to total event management with just a few mouse clicks.

Save Staff Recruiting Fees - Speed Up The Planning & Pitch Process

  Designed for Marketers and Marketing Agencies
Search for Staff - Thousands of experienced Promo Models, Brand Ambassadors, and Field Managers of varied skill levels have created their profiles in Gorilla Toolz. You can search for your perfect team members by location, skill, availability, and even language fluency. You can also post your available job openings and let the applicants find you. All this is FREE OF CHARGE.

Find HotSpots - Are you managing a campaign in a market unfamiliar to you? Do you need to know the best location for guerilla distribution? We have documented thousands of marketing HotSpots throughout the US and Canada. Find your ideal location on our site. FREE OF CHARGE.

Locate and Advertise Events - Do you represent a product and are seeking an appropriate event to sponsor or promote at? Search our comprehensive database or add your own event to our ever growing list. FREE OF CHARGE.
  And much more ....
  Refer and Recommend
Gorilla Toolz is based on a foundation of event and promotions experience combined with social networking. Add your quality insight by recommending a HotSpot or leaving a referral for a staff member who performed exceptionally well. Help strengthen the bonds of our industry by sharing your valuable knowledge with your peers as they will for you.
Use our enhanced features to plan and track your events and promotions.
Gorilla Toolz provides enhanced features that save you money
Use our Playbook to plan and track all aspects of your events including assets.
Track performance and ROI
Detailed event and promotions reporting

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Common Questions

Who is Gorilla Toolz designed for?
Our service is designed for everyone involved in the events and promotions industry. Through our community  you can locate venues, vendors, and contract staff and manage projects. We specifically strive to meet the needs of marketers, event planners, event promoters, suppliers and staff.

Is Gorilla Toolz Free?
Absolutely! Gorilla Toolz basic profiles and searching within our community are always free. For members seeking enhanced services, we offer additional fee-based premium listings, advertising, and event planning and management tools.

What is included in my free member profile?
Free profiles include detailed information about you or your company. For example, event staff members can upload resumes and include photos and/or videos about themselves. When recuiters and event planners look for promo models, brand ambassadors and event staff they find your profile.

What is included in my free business profile?
Members who provide services, own venues, or promote events are also entitled to a free business profile in Gorilla Toolz. You can showcase your business with detailed information and appear in search results. To enhance your precense in Gorilla Toolz a business can upgrade to a premium profile.

What is a premium business profile?
A premium business profile is a marketer, planner, or supplier that adds additional information to maximize their exposure to the Gorilla Toolz community. By adding information (like time/date availability, rates, floor plans, etc.) these business profiles increase the likelihood that they attract the right customers and they reduce the amount of time they spend responding to information requests.

Can I advertise in Gorilla Toolz?
Yes, in addition to premium business profiles, we also offer advertising within our community. Click to view our advertising rate schedule.


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